Join a Pear Deck Lesson

Join a Pear Deck Lesson.

How to Join a Pear Deck Lesson:

Joining a Pear Deck lesson is a straightforward process that allows students to actively participate in interactive learning experiences. Here’s a concise, precise step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Receive the Join Code.

Your teacher will provide you with a unique Join Code for the Pear Deck lesson you’re about to join. This code ensures that you’re connected to the correct session.

Step 2: Access Pear Deck.

Open a web browser on your device (e.g., laptop, tablet, or smartphone) and go to the Pear Deck website by typing “” into the address bar.

Step 3: Enter the Join Code.

Once on the Pear Deck website, you’ll find an option to “Join a Session.” Click on this option, and a dialog box will appear.

Step 4: Join the Lesson.

In the dialog box, you’ll be prompted to enter the Join Code provided by your teacher. Type in the code and ensure it’s accurate.

Step 5: Engage with the Lesson.

After entering the Join Code, click the “Join” or “Submit” button. You will be connected to the Pear Deck lesson in real time. Now, you can actively engage with the lesson content, which may include interactive questions, polls, and activities.

Step 6: Review Your Work.

After the lesson, you can review your responses and the lesson content to reinforce your understanding. This feature allows you to revisit and learn from the material at your own pace.

That’s it! You’ve successfully joined a Pear Deck lesson and are ready to dive into an interactive learning experience at JoinPD. Enjoy the engagement and active participation that Pear Deck offers!