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Welcome! So, you want to join a session? This is how you join Peardeck lesson at JoinPD. You will need a Pear Deck Join code from your teacher or host to join a Peardeck session. If you are not sure how to join, then read the How to Join PD section below. It is easy!


How to Join a Pear Deck Lesson.

Participating in a Pear Deck lesson is a breeze. Here’s how you can join in:

  1. Receive a Join Code: Your teacher will provide you with a Join Code to access the lesson. This code is unique to each session and ensures that only authorized students can participate.
  2. Visit Pear Deck: Open a web browser and go to the Pear Deck website (
  3. Enter the Join Code: On the Pear Deck homepage, you’ll find a “Join a Session” button. Click on it, and you’ll be prompted to enter the Join Code provided by your teacher. You can also go
  4. Engage in the Lesson: Once you’ve entered the code, you’ll be connected to the lesson in real time. You can respond to interactive questions and engage with the content. If you have not signed in to your Gmail or Microsoft email account, then you will be asked to log in.
  5. Review Your Work: After the lesson, you can review your responses, notes, and the lesson content for a comprehensive understanding of the material.

Video: How to Join a Peardeck Lesson at

If you are still unsure on how to join Pead Deck, then watch this short video:

What is Pear Deck?

Thanks to technology, educators now have access to tools that make the learning process engaging, interactive, and dynamic. One such tool that has made waves in the education sector is Pear Deck, a platform that empowers educators and engages students in exciting new ways. In this detailed article, we’ll explore what Pear Deck is, how to join a Pear Deck lesson, the story behind, how to get a Pear Deck Join code, host a Pear Deck lesson, contact Pear Deck, and finally, how to log in to Pear Deck.

Pear Deck is an educational technology platform that revolutionizes the way teachers deliver lessons and interact with students. It transforms traditional slide presentations into interactive and collaborative experiences. With Pear Deck, educators can create engaging slide decks with interactive questions, polls, and activities to encourage student participation, understanding, and retention.

The Benefits of Pear Deck.

Pear Deck offers several key advantages for both educators and students:

  • Engagement: It encourages active participation, which leads to a more immersive learning experience.
  • Assessment: Real-time responses and feedback allow teachers to gauge student understanding and adjust their teaching accordingly.
  • Customization: Educators can tailor lessons to individual needs by adjusting the content and interactivity.
  • Student-Centered Learning: Pear Deck promotes student inquiry and critical thinking by involving them in the learning process.
  • Remote Learning: It is suitable for in-person and remote learning, making it a versatile tool for various teaching environments.

Now, let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of Pear Deck.

What Happened to

Many may remember that was the go-to domain for accessing Pear Deck lessons in the past. However, Pear Deck has since shifted its focus to its primary domain,, to streamline user experience and ensure security. This change means that you should now go directly to when joining a lesson. Rest assured, the transition has been seamless, and all the fantastic features of Pear Deck are still available!

How to Get a Pear Deck Join Code.

If you’re a student eager to join a Pear Deck lesson, you’ll need a Join Code. Typically, your teacher will provide you with this code. Teachers create these unique codes for each session, and they’re an essential component of Pear Deck’s security measures.

How to Host a Pear Deck Lesson.

Becoming a teacher on Pear Deck is a fantastic opportunity to create dynamic and interactive lessons. Here’s how you can host your own Pear Deck lesson:

  • Create an Account: If you haven’t already, sign up for a Pear Deck teacher account. This will grant you access to all the teacher-specific features.
  • Prepare Your Lesson: Create a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation with interactive questions and activities using the Pear Deck add-on. Customize your content to meet your teaching objectives.
  • Start a Session: When you’re ready to host your lesson, click on “Start a Session” within the Pear Deck dashboard. You’ll receive a unique Join Code for your students to enter.
  • Engage with Your Students: Present your lesson to the class, and students will join by entering the Join Code you provided. As they engage with the slides, you’ll see their responses in real time.
  • Review and Assess: After the session, you can review student responses and assess their understanding. This data can help you tailor future lessons for improved student learning.

How to Contact Pear Deck.

Pear Deck values its users and is committed to providing excellent support. If you have questions, concerns, or need assistance, you can contact Pear Deck through the following means:

  • Email Support: You can reach out to Pear Deck’s support team by sending an email to [email protected]. They’re typically very responsive and will assist you with any queries or issues.
  • Help Center: Visit the Pear Deck Help Center on their website for comprehensive guides, FAQs, and troubleshooting resources. It’s a valuable self-help resource for common questions and issues.
  • Community Forum: Pear Deck has a vibrant educator community where you can seek advice and share ideas with fellow educators. It’s a great place to learn from others’ experiences.

How to Log in to Pear Deck.

To access your Pear Deck account and make the most of its features, you need to log in. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Visit Pear Deck: Open your web browser and navigate to
  • Click “Log In”: In the upper right corner of the page, you’ll find the “Log In” button. Click on it.
  • Enter Your Credentials: You’ll be prompted to enter your email and password that you used when creating your Pear Deck account.
  • Access Your Dashboard: After successful login, you’ll be redirected to your Pear Deck teacher or student dashboard, depending on your account type.

Other Resources.

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